AC Bubbly Bubbly Wash-Off Pack


Looking to have some fun deep cleansing in your skincare routine?
Here is a wash-off bubble mask pack that gently massages tired skin and absorbs excessive sebum with other impurities in the pores to give you clear skin.

We are with you on your skincare journey & looking forward to your radiant smiles with no worries about skin troubles, Cheer up!

Volume: 125g
Skin concerns: Acne-prone skin, sensitive skin


  • The soft gentle bubbles deeply cleanse the pores
  • Soothes and strengthens damaged skin barrier
  • Active ingredients relieve skin troubles by removing dead skin cells, sebums, and wastes in pores.

This bubble wash-off pack:

  • Is made of 100% safe ingredients
  • Is gentle and feels smooth on the skin
  • Forms fun bubble foam a few seconds after application