The First Story Millbrookmall would like to share with all visiting us

We would like to start by introducing one of African proverbs: “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges, the foolish build dams.” We are communicating well and perfect through established telecommunications networks on a daily basis. We can reach out to anyone in the world by smartphone devices. Working from home is not an issue at all. We can e-meet with anyone. We may not need to commute to office. SNS is a part of community now.

We can send gifts by SNS. Here in Korea, you can give a money gift as a present when your friend is having a wedding. One of Korea’s largest mobile instant messengers has already supported this. You can pay a contact-less tribute to your ancestors during Autumn fete. Telecommunications have truly connected the world seamlessly.

We are really enjoying the assets of cutting edge technology and devices now. Our aspiration and desire may facilitate this technology. It is predicted that our lives will not go back to normal even if COVID-19 is ended. It reminds me of a best seller titled with “Black Swan”by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. We are talking about post Pandemic but we are not sure what kind of Black Swan will face us again. Unfortunately YOLO and Slow Life may not be the themes for us any longer, particularly for Z Generation.

Anyone will present great values and visions when he or she gets business started. As we at Millbrook have just launched our own on-line mall, honestly we would not greatly overstate ourselves by letting you know such slogans and missions that we will start with pursuit of meeting customer demands and creating beauty values.

We would say as our first step we take in our journey, Millbrookmall will be a community with bridges we build where all of us can communicate and discuss whatever it is.

You can be your own master in our community!