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The real reasons we layer skincare from thinnest to thickest products

We are all at different stages of our skincare journey, and we all use varieties of products for specific skincare goals. At some point, I am sure most of us learned that we should layer skincare products from thinnest to thickest somewhere online (a random blog, Instagram post, etc.) or from a friend. But have […]

How important is moisturizing for oily skin type?

Apparently, very important. People with oily skin tend to assume that they do not have to moisturize daily since their skin produces excess oil, but that is a false assumption, which this article is here to clear up that misconception. First, I will explain why moisturizing is also fundamental for the oily skin type, and […]

3 Essential ingredients to include in your summer skincare routine

Contrary to general beliefs, sunscreens (SPF) is not the only thing you need to protect and maintain healthy skin during hot and sunny days.SPF contributes a lot in protecting our skin from direct contact with the harsh UV rays but, there are other essential ingredients needed in our routine to keep your skin very healthy […]

On May

“Hey, you birds! Fly so high! Fly to the blue sky!.. May is just a month of all greens, all of us grow like plants so green….” This is part of the lyrics of the Children’s Day song. May is full of eventful holidays and occasions here in Korea. May 5 is Children’s Day. Parents’ […]

The First Story Millbrookmall would like to share with all visiting us

We would like to start by introducing one of African proverbs: “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges, the foolish build dams.” We are communicating well and perfect through established telecommunications networks on a daily basis. We can reach out to anyone in the world by smartphone devices. Working from home is not […]