AC On-Spot Cream


Our blemish spot care cream is coming to the rescue!

There are always those stubborn blemishes that randomly pop up on your skin unannounced due to hormones, stress, and many other reasons!
This cream will dry them off as fast as they came up, clear any spots, and reduces inflammation.

We are cheering you on your skincare journey & looking forward to your radiant smiles with no worries about skin troubles.

Volume: 30ml
Skin concern: acne-prone skin types


  • Quickly and intensively dries off any blemish spot.
  • Spicules & niacinamide helps to reduce hyper-pigment caused by blemishes.
  • Ingredients like Zinc, Tea tree, and Centella shrinks the size of upcoming blemish spots.

This Spot cream is:

  • 100% safe ingredients
  • Uses an innovative ingredient called spicules
  • Cruelty-free