Deep Hydrating Daily Cream


Still concerned about dry skin? We got you covered!
This hydrating cream contains anti-drying ingredients like 10% Panthenol, Betaine, and Arginine, which ensure that your skin has all the moisture it ever needed.

Our deep hydrating line is made to support an already beautiful and radiantly youthful skin that does not need much to keep shinning! so we encourage you to always…
…Love Your Skin!

Volume: 80 ml
Skin Type: Dry and combination skin types


  • Penetrates the skin and provides deep long-lasting hydration
  • Prevents rapid moisture loss by strengthening the skin barrier
  • Helps retain moisture by bonding with water molecules already present in the skin
  • Thanks to ingredients like Betaine, it is also anti-inflammatory
    thereby relieving your skin of irritation or discomfort

This cream is:

  • Made of 100% safe ingredients
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cruelty-free