Vita-A & Collagen Rich Toner


Trying to get rid of those wrinkle lines? We got you!
This is a slow-aging moisturizing toner infused with low-molecular collagen and vitamin A, a combination that slow aging and makes sure your skin stays elastic

Our everlasting allure line is here for you, wrinkles or not you will always be beautiful. We are looking forward to being your old friend who always stays by you as you age naturally, slowly, still beautifully.

Everlasting Allure!

Volume: 200 ml
Skin type: All skin types


  • Contains high-content vitamin A which promotes the production of collagen,  skin aging, and elasticity.
  • Low-molecular fish collagen 5,000 ppm lightens wrinkles caused by reduced elasticity
  • Keep skin moist and hydrated from the deepest dermal layer to the skin’s surface

This toner is:

  • Made with 100% safe ingredients
  • Cruelty-free